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We offer exceptional Type Rating training for pilots looking to expand their qualifications and take their aviation career to the next level. Our Type Rating training courses are designed to provide pilots with the knowledge and skills needed for operating a specific type of aircraft safely, and efficiently.

Our contracted training partners provide training courses that meet the highest industry standards. Highly qualified ground and simulator instructors use a combination of classroom instruction and state-of-the-art full flight simulators to deliver an unparalleled training effectiveness. We work closely with most authorities worldwide and offer training courses that meet your specific needs to ensure that you are fully prepared for the rigorous training and checking process.

At Open Horizon Aviation, we offer Type Rating training courses mainly for large commercial airliner such as the Airbus A320 or Boeing B737.

CPL required
4-8 weeks
40 hours simulator
Airbus education

Our Type Rating training programs are designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to complete your training with high efficiency and with minimal disruption to your busy schedule. Our training programs are approved by the a number of , and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality training that meets the industry's standards.

If you are ready to take your aviation career to the next level and obtain your Type Rating certification, then contact us today to learn more about our training programs and how we can help you achieve your goals. At Open Horizon Aviation, we are committed to providing the best training to help you succeed in your aviation career.

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Training informations

Training Duration

About 4-8 weeks

Aircraft Type

Airbus A320

Required certificates

EASA issued ATPL, CPL, ICAO L4, EASA Class 1 medical


Older than 18 years, non-criminal record

Simulator Time

About 40 hours


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A320 Type Rating for Pilots

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to complete a Type Rating training program, and what does the training involve?

The length of a Type Rating training program can vary depending on the aircraft type and the individual's level of experience. It typically takes around 4-8 weeks of intensive training to complete a Type Rating course. The training involves both ground school and simulator training. The ground school covers aircraft systems, performance as well as both normal and emergency operating procedures. Simulator training includes simulator sessions where the pilot learns how to handle the aircraft under normal and emergencies.

What are the eligibility requirements for Type Rating training, and how can aspiring pilots prepare themselves for this type of training?

To be eligible for a Type Rating training program, a pilot must hold a valid commercial pilot license and have a certain amount of prior flying experience, depending on the license issuing authority typically between 250 to 1500 hours. Additionally, pilots must have completed specific prerequisite courses and exams, such as Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating and a multi crew cooperation training course (MCC). Aspiring pilots can prepare themselves for Type Rating training by maintaining their flying flight proficiency, studying aircraft systems and procedures, and staying current on aviation regulations and safety practices. It is also recommended to seek out mentorship and guidance from experienced pilots who have already completed Type Rating training.