A320 Base training

Start practicing with us and learn the basics in a real aircraft.

Elevate Your Flying Skills

Following your successfully passed license skill test, this element of your type training allows you to demonstrate proficiency at the controls of the actual aircraft and gain valuable experience before you receive your license entry and commence line training.

Touch & Go

Practice a number of take-offs and landings as mandated by your licensing authority.

Manual flying

You should practice with no autopilot and autothrottle ensuring proficient and smooth handling of the aircraft.

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Ace your base training with our essential tips on aircraft handling.
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Enhance Your Basic Flying Skills with Us

Base training is required to provide pilots with hands-on flying experience on a newly trained aircraft type before they commence line flying. It is applicable to non-zero flight time type training therefore it may vary from one course to another. and The curriculum of base training includes take offs and landings to be completed under the supervision of a type rating instructor (TRI).

Our Base Training programs cover a range of essential skills, including engine failure, rejected takeoff or landing, go-around procedures, and more. We also provide training in difficult weather conditions such as crosswind and low visibility operations. The goal is to ensure that newly trained pilots have the knowledge and skills needed to operate an aircraft safely and efficiently.

At Open Horizon Aviation, safety is our top priority, and we ensure that all of our Base Training programs meet the highest industry standards.

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Training informations

Training Duration

Depends on your initial skills, but about 2-4 weeks

Aircraft Type

Airbus A320

Required certificates

EASA issued ATPL, CPL, and valid A320/IR type rating, ICAO L4, EASA Class 1 medical


Older than 18 years, non-criminal record

Flight Time

50 to 100 hours


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The training process

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Training locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does pilot base training typically take?

Generally, base training is usually completed within one day, during which pilots will complete a certain number of takeoffs and landings at the controls of the actual aircraft under the supervision of a type rating instructor pilot.

Are there any specific requirements or qualifications that a pilot needs to meet to undergo base training?

Base training, if mandated by the licensing authority, is required upon completion of the type rating course in order to demonstrate proficiency handling the aircraft during critical phases of flight (i.e. take off and landing). The requirements can vary depending on your licensing authority, however they are generally the same as to obtain a type rating. Base training can only commence once the candidate has successfully passed his/her license skill test at the completion of the type rating course.