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At Open Horizon Aviation, we provide comprehensive education and training programs for aspiring and experienced pilots. Our experienced instructors offer mainly A320 type rating, base training, and line training courses that equip pilots with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in aviation. Our training programs are designed to meet the highest industry standards and provide pilots with real-world experience and practical skills that they can apply in the cockpit.

Operator Conversion course
Professional mentors
Line flying under supervision

We are committed to delivering top-quality education and training that prepares pilots for a dynamic and ever-changing industry. Join our community of aviation professionals and take your career to new heights with Open Horizon Aviation.

In addition to our pilot training programs, we also provide tailored solutions for airlines. If you need to enroll your pilots in extra training, we can organize simulator training for 5-10 pilots at the same time, helping you to save time and money. Our team works closely with airlines to provide customized training solutions that meet your specific needs, ensuring your pilots are fully prepared for any situation they may encounter in the air.

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Join the Open Horizon Aviation team and take your aviation career to new heights. We are always on the lookout for talented pilots and cabin crew members to join our team and help us deliver exceptional service to our passengers. Our recruitment activities focus on A320 and B737 flights, and we offer a wide range of exciting opportunities for pilots and cabin crew members at all levels of experience.

Crew members
First Officers

We provide ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure that our team members are always equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide safe and efficient flights. Join our team of aviation professionals and be part of an organization that is committed to excellence in all aspects of air travel.

Additionally, we offer recruitment solutions for airlines seeking to expand their team. Our experienced recruiters can help you find the best pilots and crew members for your team, utilizing our vast network of aviation professionals. Whether you need to recruit pilots and crew members for a one-time project or want to build a long-term partnership, we can provide customized recruitment solutions that meet your specific needs.

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Open Horizon Aviation

Take off with Open Horizon Aviation! We help elevate your aviation careers.

Open Horizon Aviation

About us

We are a leading aviation training and recruitment provider. With a team of experienced professionals, we specialize in providing comprehensive training programs for pilots and cabin crew members

In 3 countries
More than 5 years of experience

Open Horizon Aviation has been a trusted provider of aviation training and recruitment services for over five years. During this time, we have helped numerous aspiring aviation professionals achieve their career goals, and we have provided customized recruitment solutions to a wide range of airlines.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a reliable and helpful partner in the aviation industry. Our trainees and clients have consistently reported high levels of satisfaction with our training and recruitment services, and we are proud of the positive impact we have made on their careers and operations. At Open Horizon Aviation, we are dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence in aviation training and recruitment for many years to come.

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Candidates have to submit an application online as the initial step of the recruitment process for any of the listed vacancies, and copies of all required documents must be attached. Incomplete applications can not be further considered.Upon receipt of a complete application, our recruiters will contact shortlisted applicants only with further information about the recruitment process. Additional stages of the process will include a technical interview, assessment center testing, simulator screening and a client interview. The complexity and length of each individual recruitment process may vary depending on the client's requirements.To apply for any of our open vacancies, please send your application via e-mail to [email protected]